Anuradha Mathur Professor,
University of Pennsylvania

Anuradha Mathur

Anuradha Mathur, an architect and landscape architect, is Professor in the Landscape Architecture Department, University of Pennsylvania. In collaboration with her partner Dilip da Cunha she is author of Mississippi Floods: Designing a Shifting Landscape (Yale University Press, 2001), Deccan Traverses: the Making of Bangalore’s Terrain (Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2006) and Soak: Mumbai in an Estuary (Delhi: NGMA and Rupa & Co., 2009), and co-editor of Design in the Terrain of Water (A+RD Publishers, San Francisco, 2014).

In 2011 and 2012 Mathur and da Cunha curated an international symposium titled In the Terrain of Water, held at PennDesign. ( In 2013/2014 they led a PennDesign Team for the project Structures of Coastal Resilience supported by the Rockefeller Foundation (


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