Catherine De Almeida Assistant Professor,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Catherine De Almeida

Catherine De Almeida is a landscape architect and planner working on numerous urban infill projects in Ithaca, New York, including transforming a deindustrialized Superfund site into a mixed-use district. With a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute and a Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, she explores ways of embedding multiple functions and programs within a single entity, space, building, or site to form greater efficiencies in design. Her design-research is built around landscape lifecycles—a holistic approach integrating multiple programs to reclaim landscapes and materials associated with waste.

Catherine has taught undergraduate and graduate design studios at Cornell University focused on using waste reuse processes in brownfield transformation to create multi-layered hybrid landscapes that are economically generative, ecologically rich cultural destinations. She continues to develop her work as a recently-appointed Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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