Matt Petersen Chief Sustainability Officer,
City of Los Angeles

Matt Petersen

Matt Petersen is the City of Los Angeles’ First Chief Sustainability Officer.  In this role, he developed and is currently implementing the City’s first Sustainable City pLAn which is a data-driven pLAn that lays out the long and short term sustainability outcomes for the City of Los Angeles. Under the Mayor’s leadership, Matt led the City’s response to the Aliso gas leak and was able to bring together Mayors from other cities to combat climate change by playing a major role with organizations such as C40 and the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda.  He also co-chairs the Mayor’s Water Cabinet, which is charged with meeting the City’s aggressive water conservation goals, and has resulted in Los Angeles residents reducing their water usage from 131 gallons to 106 gallons per capita daily.

Before joining the Mayor’s office, Matt served as President and CEO of Global Green USA for 19 years. Passionate about improving the lives of those in need, combatting climate change and greening communities, Petersen focused the organization on greening affordable housing, schools and cities (including LA).  Petersen led the organization in the green rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and later to communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Matt is a board member of Global Green USA and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, as well as is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and an advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative.


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