Wendy Walls Researcher,
University of Melbourne

Wendy Walls

Wendy Walls is a Landscape Architecture PhD research student at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She is the current recipient of the David Yencken Scholarship for Landscape Architecture and Ecological Sustainability. Her research focus investigates the use of data and digital technologies for designing with dynamic phenomena in external open space. This research specifically addresses thermal sensation in Australian cities where current climate change predictions suggest more frequent, intense and dangerous heatwaves. This research has been tested through design competitions, winning ‘best urban tactic’ in the Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture Street14 competition. She teaches design studio and contemporary landscape theory at the University of Melbourne and RMIT. Her teaching supports further research through explorations of emerging design methodologies to facilitate a performance-oriented approach to landscape design. Outcomes from her research and teaching have been presented at a number of peer-reviewed international events including the Digital Landscape Architecture conference and the Architectural Science Association conference. 


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